Monday, September 6, 2010

homemade cheesecake

This afternoon my mom and I made some homemade cheesecake. We both saw it on a blog the other day but I don't remember the name of it. So we made it and she said it was for dessert, and then she came in my room with two forks and a piece of the cheesecake. I fell so in love with it that I scraped the whole bottom of it with my fork. I seriously was about to ask for another piece.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Heat

It is so hot out that I can't even think about winter. I can't wait till it cools down a little. At least we won't be stuck under the fan at home. Under all the heat at school I spend all recess at the drinking fountain. I don't think that we should even be playing at recess the techers should call us in to keep us cool inside. Now all I've been wanting to say is all I want to wear in the winter is just shorts and a T~shir. lET'S HOPE WINTER COMES EARLY!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I just got a Hamster and I named him Cruiser. Cruiser is a sweet loving animal who could sometimes be mean when he bites you. Cruiser is verry funny I mean he has his wheel in his secong story when he goes up his tube wich is amazing because I think he was to fat to fit up the tube. And so he takes his litter wich is a soft crumpled up piece of like thick tissue and brings it up behind the wheel and he climbes the cage and he's like a cat he will land on his feet. Me and my friends were putting him in my old littles pet shop toys and he would actulley fit in them and we put him on my ITURTLE and we were petting him wich is so funnty when you pet him because it's like you can never feel his spine. Well I think Cruiser is the funniest hamster ever in the world !!!

I Said It

OK so today we were saying our Student Council speeches and we were voting so me and Jayden were having to the feeling are stomachs had butterflies and are hearts were beating so fast I was a little nervous about saying my speech but I think that I did good at it. Since we could only vote for 3 people I voted for ... ME, JAYDEN and EMMA. I really hope that I get in and Jayden. Tomorrow I think that we will get to know who gets to be in Student Council, I hope Me, Jayden, Jaimie. Well I haven't told you about Jaimie . She is a smart, fun, and creative person so I hope that we 3 will get in so good luck to use 3

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Studen Council

I'm really enjoying fifth grade I think it is fantastic I mean right now we are voting for student council and I think that I will make it. Last year I was in it and I was the Secretary so I am going for it again. I haven't really made up my speech but I think it will be good. All I want to be this year is in Student Council. I don't care if I am in band or orchestra,chess club computer club. This would be really cool for me to be doing it again.


A week ago we got a dog named Steeler. He is a yorkie and he is only seven months old. He is a really playful dog and whenever you have an empty toilet paper roll he will just run away from you and rip it up! Today my mom was on the bed watching a movie and Steeler came up to her and and started to play with her hair. My dog Mandy seems to be a little jelious but she seems to be in my room watching my hamster the whole time. She will not even sleep. I thinks Steeler is adorable and can't wait for him to get really use to me!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

School Is Here

We have 6 days left of Summer!!! I really can't wait because I got the teacher that I want, Here name Is Miss Coleman and I got at least one of my friends in my class, Jayden !!! I love shopping for school supplies I think it it's so fun and I can't wait to do more blogs during the school year . Whenever I type a blog my cat Lucy always has to sit on the chair and rub against me . Back to school stuff my favorite thing to shop for are clothes. They are so much fun to shop for I would shop for them all day if I could.