Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please Oh Please

So I've been asking my mom for a laptop but she is saying to be asking my dad for that. I think that I will really use it often for doing more blogs but this computer is in her room. It will also be great so I don't have to ask to go into her room and just sit in there. That way I don't have to ask and I can find my own all the time Because there will be no fighting , my brother has one and if I have one then my little brother will just have to ask when I am done then I will take to long then it will be alot of work.

San Diego Trip

Whenever we go to San Diego I love to pack and sit in the car for 6 hours. I think that it is mostly fun when you see a sign that means you are there. It's also fun to just sit there in the car and make yourself comfortable. I mean you just pack a bag with a bunch of fun stuff and then eat snacks all day. We are going to go in the morning at 12:00 and we will be there at 6:00. It's also fun because when we get to go to the beauriful hotel in the afternoon we see the, bay behind it, the ducks roaming around and parrots in the cage. It is just the coolest hotel. I can't wait to go there .

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boredom Of The Day

Have you ever been bored and don't know what to do? Whenever I'm bored I just walk around in the same spot and look at our summer list. It's so funny because your just like what should I do and your like I already did that.I always feel like that. My mom is like go clean your room and I am like that will still be boring, but at least it will keep you busy for about 10 minutes.

Why Softball Stinks

Summer is so hot outside that it makes me want to do nothing. Tonight we are going to softball and I'm to hot to go outside. I would rather stay home with the cats and the dog, I will if I could. Sometimes at softball I would play or I would sit there and be bored. I wouldn't care if I where bored at home but I would be miserable at softball. It is horrible to be there. I don't understand why people go there when it's like you are 10 feet away from the sun. I really don't like it there because there are no 10 year old girls to play with.

Owl Girl

My favorite hobby is collecting owl necklaces . I think it is really fun to go to a store and find owl necklaces to look at.

I love to draw owls because they are so interesting to look at. I think that owl are the coolest. I always try to find some but I can only find them at Charlotte Russe , but they have some really big ones. I have 3 of them . Sometimes i where all 3 of them if i where a plain shirt, or only one if I where a very colorful shirt or even just one.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why I'm Here

I'm Morgan and why I'm here is because my Mom thought that it would be fun for me to do this. I love to read, write and I am fun to play with. I love to do art and shop for clothes, my favorite thing to do is play with my pets. I have 6 pets; 2 cats 2 dogs and we use to have 3
turtles but one passed away. I love to play with my baby cousin Tag he is so much fun!

Summer vacation was so much fun and here is what we did. We always go swimming at our friends pool, we play with ours cousins a lot , and we are getting ready to go to San Diego. I cant wait to go to San Diego because it is my Mom's Birthday.I've also been reading the Twilight Eclipse ,it was so good. Me and my mom went to see the early show on the opening day because it was our special day together.