Thursday, September 2, 2010


I just got a Hamster and I named him Cruiser. Cruiser is a sweet loving animal who could sometimes be mean when he bites you. Cruiser is verry funny I mean he has his wheel in his secong story when he goes up his tube wich is amazing because I think he was to fat to fit up the tube. And so he takes his litter wich is a soft crumpled up piece of like thick tissue and brings it up behind the wheel and he climbes the cage and he's like a cat he will land on his feet. Me and my friends were putting him in my old littles pet shop toys and he would actulley fit in them and we put him on my ITURTLE and we were petting him wich is so funnty when you pet him because it's like you can never feel his spine. Well I think Cruiser is the funniest hamster ever in the world !!!


  1. darling are too funny...and youre hamster is lucky to have you as his mom.


  2. hey morgan!!! so lucky you got a hamster!! have a good day : /